Broadcasting heart-opening ceremony

for communities around the world.

What is Sangha?

Sangha is an ancient Tibetan word that defines a community working, teaching, living, and playing together in peaceful harmony.  Sangha is more than just a dream, it is a promise to humanity hidden in the sands of time; and it is through our actions that we can find it together.

Singing for Sangha

One of the most fun ways to cultivate joy and harmony within ourselves, and amongst each other, is through the power of song.  Our intention with this work is to bring the simple songs & prayers of earth’s ancestors to you and your community; creating a gateway for cultural celebration and a connection with divinity that is your own ~ free from traditional dogma.

For your self, for your community, for humanity.

The Detroit transcendental meditation experiment of 2007 successfully showed the world that a group who is consistent and compassionate with their mindful attention can produce a noticeable change for their community at large. With ceremony, we are extending an invitation for everyone to participate in Big Magic.  The kind of magic that can help the world know peace as it helps us know peace.

Your Hosts

Miryam & Adam

Miryam and Adam are best friends who find great joy in witchin’ up musical concoctions to calm the mind and expand the heart.  Our truest passion in life is to celebrate the songs, prayers, and teachings that were gifted to our age by all cultures in time, in that we may remember the essence that unifies us all (and have a lot of fun while doing it). 

We have received so much joy from this work in our local community, and the call has come for us to bring it out loud and proud, big and small, short and tall… so here we are- let’s do it all.  🙏

When, What, and How

Below are a few details to keep in heart and mind if you want to join in on the fun.

Two Evenings a Month

We’re still experimenting with the best times to broadcast, but have committed to twice a month.  We’ll be sure to give lots of notice.

Ancestral Music for The Modern Age

We bring together an extravaganza of world healing songs, along with a link to the song book, so everyone can sing along

Quality Meets Authenticity

We offer an experience that combines the authenticity of live performance, with the sensory integrity to feel like you’re with us.

Love is our religion

There is so much that our scriptures of old have done to connect us, and so much they have done to divide us.  We’re not here to debate the truth of any path with another, but to find and share what may be useful from all walks of our spiritual history.

The path to salvation is not found in any one book; it is through the heart, and the heart knows only the language of Love.

Everyone Welcome

This project encourages community building, and so our content is always intended to be fit for all ages and creeds of community.  But it only feels responsible to say that as it is a live broadcast: please view and share at your own discretion.  We just never know what might bloom up on the day!

Patron Supported

It is our deepest intention to offer these gateways for spiritual connection freely so that we can support those on their path, regardless of their circumstance.  If you receive value from our work, and you believe that others may as well, please consider joining our growing community of supporters below.  Our only goal with these donations is to open more hearts through the virtues of ceremony. 

Join our growing community of patrons

If you receive value from our offering, we would be honored if you shared with your friends or donated to
help keep the show available for all. Many blessings on your journey, friend.

Bookings & Contact

You can use this form to contact Miryam & Adam directly.  We read and reply to everything personally, so we thank you in advance for your patience with our reply.

'Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the piece of God"

– Jesus –

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.

– Paramahansa Yogananda –

Love thy neighbour as thyself, all the rest is commentary

– Rav Berg –

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home

– Rumi –

Share what you love and go with the flow n’ glow

– Rav Joseph Saltoun –

The light can not be learned. It must be experienced

– Rav Berg –
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